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Kathryn Burnett


Hello, I developed this Screenplay Starter Kit to help you flesh out your idea BEFORE you start writing. Getting the basic story elements right is a crucial first step in any screenplay - so let's get into it.

I'm an award-winning screenwriter, dynamic workshop facilitator, script consultant and playwright. In addition to screenwriting I also teach - which I love! I've designed a popular series of screenwriting workshops designed to help both new and experienced writers be their creative best. By downloading my Screenplay Starter Kit - you'll automatically be subscribed to my database, which means I'll occasionally send you articles, freebies and info full of tips, techniques and writerly opportunities. And you can unsubscribe anytime. For more information about me - please go to

Some kind words from my awesome clients

"Fantastic array of information. It's so helpful to get to look "under the bonnet" of a film and see all the moving parts. This will save hours of time in avoiding the pitfalls of screenwriting."

Cindy Mullins
Publishing/Literary Agent

"Loved it! Kathryn gets straight to the point and gives clear, practical advice about screenwriting. She demystifies the process.."

Rebecca Barry Hill

"Kathryn Burnett is the bombdiggity. She brings amazing experience, intelligence, and passion to her teaching. She has a comprehensive understanding of movies, cinema history, and storytelling technique, and is effective and engaging when sharing that knowledge with her students. Kathryn is to storytelling tutors as Carlos the Jackal is to international assassins. I can't recommend her highly enough."

Steve Barr
screenwriter, producer, and development executive

"I highly recommend Kathryn's screenwriting course. Infused with some great practical exercises, the course helped me come up with my own ideas then apply them to a framework for developing them into a screenplay. Kathryn has a real passion and talent for sharing what she has learned, I found her course very inspiring."

Richard Mans